Norton is widely known as an AntiVirus leader for computer protection, but needed to increase awareness for their "Beyond the PC" products for smartphones and tablets. Norton partnered with the highly-anticipated Warner Brothers movie Man of Steel. The campaign theme "Discover your Powers with Norton" made a direct link between the powers of Superman and the powers of Norton products. With exclusive content around Strength, Speed, and Flight, fans could get a first glimpse of the film while making an organic connection with Norton as a leading protector. A personalized "Digital Metropolis" was created as an application on Facebook that made the fight against



cybercrime on multiple devices personalized. Available on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, the Digital Metropolis pulled from Facebook posts and photos to bring users into the Man of Steel world to entertain while educating on the need for protection. Special content was only available on mobile devices to provide an incentive to engage with Norton beyond the PC. And it's working. To date, the content has received over 1 million views and over 60% of the visits to the Digital Metropolis theater are on mobile devices.


Other Norton Hero Highlights

Over the past few years, Norton has created some of the most successful integrated promotional campaigns going. From Captain America to the Avengers, Norton was able to stand out and bring excitement into an otherwise dull category.  


Behind the Shield

Norton needed to gain favor with young males. A few years of under-performing products had diminished the relevance of the brand in their lives. By partnering with Marvel's Captain America: the first Avenger, Norton could reclaim favor by providing a first look at content centered around the young males' interests and turn skeptics into fans. "Behind the Shield" was created especially for Norton with a first look at the Shield as Captain America's defense and weapon. From cast and crew interviews to its comic roots, the Shield was brought to life. During the course of the promotional campaign Norton tripled its Facebook community and favorable blog coverage multiplied the positive exposure for the brand.