Hey, I'm Mike. You're probably wondering why I look like a fisherman up there. The truth is I got swept out to sea as a child during the filming of the movie "A Perfect Storm". Lost and alone I was rescued by the 2nd Unit trolling ship of movie extras off Boston Harbor.

Raised amongst these creative scoundrels, actors, and artists – there wasn't a single genuine fisherman among them. But, you wouldn't know it by their gift for tall tales of adventure on the high seas. They accepted me as their own and trained me in their ancient trade of story telling. But as the years past, I longed for the world of my youth that was taken from me. So during a full moon, staring into the inky black ocean, I leapt from the bow of my seafaring life and swam back to the shores of man.

I still look back on those days with fondness as I look out to the waves from my ergonomic standing desk in San Francisco. Maybe one day soon we can share a tale or two... or maybe I only looked this way because it was Movember. 

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